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    Fasten your seat belts!

    The belt has made it’s return in so many shapes and sizes recently. And I must say I love it! Obviously we always have used belts (mostly plain ones) to make sure our trousers don’t fall down. However I am really enjoying all the fashionable pieces that you can find at the moment. Especially the ones from this small German designer Khatera that I came across on Instagram. Her belts are unique and hand-made, and I am already obsessed with them! Next to this awesome seatbelt-style belt with a big buckle she also makes something she calls the mini-belt, which is basically a cool little fashion accessory to clip onto your t-shirts, shirts, blazers, whatever you like! Keep an eye out on the blog to see how I will style mine. For now, I hope you enjoy the way I styled this belt and if you would like to find out more about these awesome pieces from Khatera you can click here to go to her website!

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